Management and Forecasting

Focus your team on the right targets and manage capital programs with confidence. ESP combines capital management with the Well Delivery process to provide a real picture of where your program sits without having multiple sources to pull together. Reduce the effort involved in managing your capital program while improving accuracy of the information.

Service Features 

Schedule Driven Capital

Real Time, Daily Information

Flexible Forms For Your Business

Connect to Your Data Sources

Approval and Review Process

Capital Management Dashboards

Schedule Driven Capital

In ESP, capital is directly linked to your active schedule to provide a forecast of upcoming spending, as well as time-based reporting of what was spent.

Real Time, Daily Information

ESP’s connected system is always live and in real time. Updates, changes and risks are reflected instantly so you always have the latest information.

Flexible, Configurable Forms for Your Business

The system captures Estimates, AFE, Field, Actual and Budget and will calculate Net values for all capital spending plus it can easily be configured to capture any other data that is important to your organization.

Connect to Your Data Sources

Processes are improved when you can connect data from multiple sources in a single location. To best manage capital ESP connects to your financial and operations reporting systems to combine the latest data.

Approval and Review Process

Approvals can be injected anywhere within the process to provide the controls you may need to ensure proper authorizations are in place prior to spending.

Capital Management Reports and Dashboards

Our powerful reporting and dashboard engine allows companies to leverage many standardized metrics and capital dashboards to analyze their capital information knowing that it reflects the latest schedule and executed work.

Transform Your Work Ecosystem

Case Studies

Our implementations transform work ecosystems.


Canbriam Energy Implements Energy Success Platform (ESP) to Consolidate Data and Streamline Well Delivery Processes, Positioning Company For Growth

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Surface Land Tracking

Never guess about the status and delivery time again. Surface land management is connected directly to the drill schedule to provide accurate predictions of when projects will be ready to go, with the schedule helping to dictate priorities. Templates allow you to standardize the entire process regardless of land ownership or jurisdiction. Improve visibility, accountability and confidence while minimizing status update meetings.



ESP incorporates powerful and connected scheduling tools designed to make a complex process easy. Pad scheduling tools maximize efficiency while connecting drilling, completions and facilities in one place. One source of truth for your operations.


Inventory and Prospect Management

Standardize your prospect inventory process using ESP to ensure you have visibility into the opportunities you have available and approve the ones that are ready to go. Optimize your evaluation process by focusing on the right prospects to work on and leveraging ESP’s integration options.