Jumpseat for ESP Suite

JumpSeat is a plug-in for your Chrome web browser, that guides users through mini tutorials for using ESP. JumpSeat is available whenever you have logged into ESP, and can be brought up whenever you need a quick refresher on how to perform various things within ESP.

Step 1. Installing Jumpseat

First, you need to install JumpSeat within your Chrome web browser.

  1. Start your Chrome web browser
  2. Click here to Install the JumpSeat plug-in
  3. Click the blue “+ ADD TO CHROME” button, a confirmation popup will appear
  4. Click “Add Extension” to confirm

That’s it. JumpSeat has been installed.

Step 2. Using Jumpseat

After you have logged into ESP, JumpSeat appears as a little red square on the upper right edge of your Chrome web browser. Click the red square once and the JumpSeat catalog of tutorials opens. Click the red square a second time to minimize JumpSeat.

When the JumpSeat catalog of tutorials is open, click one to begin a tutorial. When you are reading through a tutorial, you can always exit the tutorial by clicking the “X” at the upper-right corner of the current JumpSeat page.

We recommend starting with one of the “Welcome” tutorials at the bottom of the JumpSeat catalog.

JumpSeat Screenshot