Energy Success Platform approaches HSE differently than other HSE products, as we have managed HSE processes ourselves. We realize that an HSE process needs to be dynamic and adjust to the needs of your organization. Collection of Incident Reports, Near Misses and Hazard ID’s are important. However, you need to be able to see what the data is telling you and use those learnings to make improvements to how your company manages the risks it is faced with. You need to engage field personnel, as well as the managers and executives that are responsible for the organization. ESP can handle all of this and so much more.

Service Features 

Engagement through active feedback

Adoption through easy to use, flexible submissions

Shared Accountability through data visibility


Incident Management and Metrics
(Submissions, Action Tracking, Approvals, etc)

HazID/Near Miss Management and Metrics
(Submissions, Action Tracking, Approvals, etc)  

Regulatory Inspection Management and Metrics
(Submissions, Action Tracking,etc)

Job Safety Analysis or Job Hazard Analysis

Task Observations
(Positive Reinforcement)

Facility and Wellsite Inspections and Metrics

Monthly Vehicle Inspections

Inspection or Observation Action Item Management

Surface Water Release Tracking

Industrial Waste Release Tracking

Road Compliance (Violation) Management and Metrics

HSE Worker Certification Tracking

HSE Required Document Reading Acknowledgement
(Making sure key documents are reviewed)

Monthly Safety Meeting dashboards

And Much Much More…

Easy to Configure HSE Forms

HSE Workflow System

Corrective Actions and Assignments

Personnel Management

HSE Document Tracking System

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Easy to Configure HSE Forms

ESP’s dynamic form builder allows companies to easily build any forms they need to manage their HSE program, and can make instant changes to the standard forms in the system as their needs evolve.

HSE Workflow System

Any number of HSE workflows can be configured within ESP, whether you need to manage a key process, have a project that you need to execute, or setup workflow approvals to ensure the correct people review and approve an HSE event.

Corrective Actions and Assignments

The key to ensuring that incidents and events are reviewed and closed is to easily assign responsibility and then have visibility into the status. ESP provides this to keep your process efficient.

Personnel Management

Whether you need to ensure your workers’ certifications are up to date, set goals for the number of hazard ID’s to be submitted or ensure workers review key safety documents, ESP can provide a solution.

HSE Document Tracking System

ESP includes a full document management system that can store all key documents for easy access by the people that need to see them, manage versions of key safety documents, or even create processes to ensure documents are reviewed as required.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Our powerful reporting and dashboard engine allows companies to leverage many standardized metrics dashboards that are driven directly off their HSE submissions, and they can also create their own reports that help them identify opportunities for improvement

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Case Studies

HSE Environments We’ve Transformed

Canbriam Energy

Canbriam Energy Increases HSE Team Productivity by 50% and Demonstrates Compliance by Using Energy Success Platform (ESP) …

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Tidewater has rapidly grown through acquisition since 2015,
acquiring multiple operating areas from large and small companies …

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Painted Pony Energy

Painted Pony started working with Energy Success Platform (ESP) in 2014 to help optimize its HSE process.

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Well Servicing

Save time evaluating wells with down production and quickly identify with a high degree of confidence the most economic wells to allocate money towards. As prices change, update and recalculate quickly to see which well-down requests become economic. ESP provides a complete process for managing the well servicing process plus the analytics to make improvements.


Inactive Well Management

Managing liability is a critical part of an E&P company’s business. Typical challenges involve having the right data to make decisions, knowing which wells need action and ensuring the required inspections and tests are being completed on time. Companies also need to manage the capital required to execute work associated with the inactive well program. ESP provides a central location to manage your data along with a structured process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, allowing you to spend your money on your best locations.


Asset Integrity

Protect your assets by ensuring that you have the proper processes in place to manage the integrity of your investments. ESP provides a central database for all data related to managing your assets with a workflow process that allows you to track and schedule risk assessments, mitigation work, management of change and maintenance.