ESP Daily Notifications

Some ESP customers like to have various reports from ESP emailed to them daily. Some reports are configured to only contain updates that have been made to the underlying data within the past few days. When no matching data is found in ESP, the email notification is still sent but it contains no content. Some people like to receive the empty emails, to confirm no changes have occurred, while other people feel these empty emails simply clutter their inbox.

For the latter group of people, the easiest way to remove the empty emails is to create an email rule that deletes the empty emails.

The screenshot below shows how to create such a rule in Microsoft Outlook. The three criteria used in the rule are: (a) the email address of the sender, (b) a portion of the email Subject, and (c) the size of the “empty” email. Any incoming emails that match those three criteria are automatically moved to your Deleted Items.

Note: Each ESP environment can be configured with a different “email address of the sender”. Please confirm with ESP staff to identify how your ESP environment has been configured.