Becoming An ESP Power User

ESP is built upon a framework called Workfront. As of 2018, Workfront is used by 4,000 companies globally. Workfront’s strengths are around Project Management, Reporting and collaborating between staff.

Workfront has developed a number of instructional videos to help Workfront users and Workfront administrators learn about the system. These videos are available for free to any person with a valid Workfront login/password.

Administrator Training Program

While Workfront does provide a large number of instructional videos, the following are the most for ESP Administrators

Get started with Workfront

Get started with the New Workfront Experience

  • Welcome to Workfront (7 min)
  • Navigate the new Workfront experience (8 min)
  • Project landing page (3 min)
  • Task landing page overview (4 min)

Planner Fundamentals

  • Introduction to project creation (3 min)
  • Navigate the project page (6 min)
  • Getting started: plan your project (4 min)
  • Parent-child task structure in Workfront (4 min)
  • Work with tasks in a project (6 min)
  • Task durations (6 min)
  • Planned hours (6 min)
  • Sequence the tasks in your project (6 min)
  • Assign tasks from the project plan (5 min)
  • Task dates and progress status (3 min)
  • Administrator Fundamentals

    • User setup (5 min)
    • Email notifications (3 min)
    • Find layout templates (2 min)
    • Customize the Main Menu with layout templates (3 min)
    • Customize object areas with a layout template (6 min)

    Set up Workfront

    Custom Forms

    • Creating and Sharing a Custom Form (11 min)
    • Using a Custom Form (2 min)


    Basic Report Creation

    • Reporting elements (5 min)
    • Reporting components (5 min)
    • Create a basic grouping (7 min)
    • Create a basic view (7 min)
    • Add basic conditional formatting to a view (4 min)
    • Create a simple report (5 min)
    • Create a basic filter (10 min)
    • Create a task report (5 min)
    • Create reports with charts (6 min)
    • Create dashboards (5 min)

    Getting Feedback from ESP

    As you watch each video, make notes about topics that you feel need further clarification. When you have finished watching the instructional videos, we will spend time one-on-one with you to discuss these topics, and give examples that relate directly to the Oil & Gas industry, or to your company’s use of ESP.