Energy Success Platform for Oilfield Services

Oilfield services are expected to deliver world class service for the cheapest price. As they grow they often purchase expensive ERP systems or develop solutions internally. Both cost a lot of money and often miss the mark on delivery. Energy Success Platform (ESP) is a configurable, operational system of record that can be tailored to any of the workflows held within your organization. ESP understands your business, making it easy to implement and can evolve as your business matures, preventing costly expenditures on siloed systems. Keep your people focused on maximizing utilization while minimizing G&A, and have full visibility into your business.

Workflow and Scheduling 

Work with our experts to design custom workflows for your organization.  Our leading edge workflow and scheduling tools will transform your organization. 

Reporting + Analytics

Put your data in one place and take confidence knowing you have the tools to analyze the data and make informed decisions. Enable our powerful reporting and dashboard engine to provide insight into your business.

Easy Collaboration

Energy Success Platform is built for people. It can be configured or reconfigured to support the unique organizational needs of your teams, projects, and workflows. With staff from many departments and business functions working together, often remotely, we have the tools to ensure successful cross department collaboration.


Energy Success Platform has leveraged its Oil & Gas industry experience and worked directly with our customers to solve workflow challenges related to O&G operations. The result is efficiency enabled by the following key operations workflows.

Quote Generation and Management

When new job opportunities come in, ESP makes it easy to create quotes using book or client pricing, incorporating discounts or bulk pricing when necessary. With quotes in a database it makes it easy to forecast upcoming work, and data can be quickly accessed by those who need to see it. This allows you to have visibility into the demand from your customers and how to best manage supply.

Central Job Calendar and Scheduling

Keep everyone on the same page with a single, central schedule regardless of location. ESP’s Draggable Calendar makes it easy to schedule jobs to keep all your equipment busy and see where gaps in the schedule need to be filled. The system also has the ability to schedule other work within your organization depending on your needs.

Job Execution Tracking

All elements of a job are housed in a single, electronic job file within the system so they can work together. With all Job program details, field coordination information, equipment and crew assignment, documents, job execution data and even job problem tracking housed in a structured database it is easy to find anything you might need. You are able to see any aspect through ESP’s dynamic reporting engine.

Equipment Management and Maintenance

Manage your equipment in the same system as all the rest of your operational data. Track equipment details, warranties and certificates. Schedule and execute inspections so they are not missed. Submit repair requests and track the details of their execution. Use actual job data to determine when maintenance should be performed. One place to manage the integrity of your equipment.

Service Features 

Schedule Driven Processes
Flexible, Configurable Forms for Your Business
Connect to Your Data Sources
Document Tracking System
Approval and Review Process
Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Schedule Driven Processes

Everything is driven by a job’s schedule. Prioritize work for coordinators. Product usage reports change with the schedule to show demand. Revenue charts directly show any changes based on your active schedule. ESP’s connected system is always live and in real time.

Flexible, Configurable Forms for Your Business

ESP’s dynamic form builder allows companies to easily build any forms they need to manage data within their different processes, and can make instant changes to the standard forms in the system as their needs evolve.

Connect to Your Data Sources

Processes are improved when you can connect data from multiple sources in a single location. To best manage capital, ESP can connect to your financial and operations reporting systems (even spreadsheets) to combine the latest data.

Document Tracking System

ESP includes a full document management system that can store all key documents for easy access by the people that need to see them. Keeping documents in the same place as all of your other data creates efficiency and security for your business

Approval and Review Process

Approvals can be injected anywhere within the process to provide the controls you may need to ensure proper authorizations are in place to best manage your different workflows.

Reporting and Analytics Dashboards

Our powerful reporting and dashboard engine allows companies to leverage many standardized metrics and tracking dashboards to ensure you are able to see what is being worked on, supply needs, job metrics, revenue projections or create reports as you need them.

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