About Us

We are advocates for digital transformation in the energy sector in our mission to solve process inefficiency, personnel dependency and system vulnerabilities.

As is often the case, it all started with a problem. We were working with one of our clients – an intermediate sized natural gas exploration company that had an aggressive shallow well drilling program. At the time, they were drilling around 400 wells per year. Their biggest problem was that they tracked everything in spreadsheets. Lots of spreadsheets. Lots of columns. Lots of duplication. Lots of meetings. Lots of manual effort.

And lots of miscommunication, missed deadlines, and missed expectations.

There had to be a better way.

We already had a thorough understanding of the Oil and Gas industry, with several of our staff having 20+ years of experience working in downtown Calgary, Alberta. ESP was designed to address the requirements, and meet the needs of actual executives and actual staff at a high volume exploration company.

From Geology to Engineering to Mineral Land to Surface Land to D&C to Tie-In to Facilities to Finance to HSE to Abandonment, we had already spent decades working with these specialists. We also understood how these specialties report upwards, so the Executives can see how closely the team is meeting the corporate strategic plans.

ESP breaks down the silos of information, and gives your workers what they need to make better informed decisions, and be more efficient in communicating their information to other staff that depend upon it.

The first company that used ESP had a weekly operations meeting. Before ESP, they spent over 15 person-days each week preparing spreadsheets for the 2-hour, 20-person meeting. After they began using ESP, their preparation time was negligible, and the weekly meeting was reduced to 15 minutes.

ESP gave them a more effective way to communicate between teams – breaking down the silos. People didn’t need to meet to discuss well locations line-by-line, because they already had the information they needed. Instead, they could focus their attention where it adds value to the business, not continually wasting time re-hashing the same discussions over and over again.

We built the ESP product because we believe there really is a better way for energy companies to operate. The methods that were acceptable in the boom years of yesterday are no longer sufficient.

Today, energy companies must focus on maximizing their margins. This means doing more with fewer people, and giving them the tools to efficiently communicate with the rest of the team.

As the industry continues to evolve based on the new realities of the global markets, so does ESP. ESP helps your team communicate more effectively, and reduces the time your knowledge workers spend entering data.

Oil and Gas is now a Margin business. Margins require focus. ESP helps your staff focus on your business.